Once again, the audience proved to be the main character… as feedback and praise for the speakers was truly insightful and progressive. And, we had some very special guests (see photo).

Meg Adler brought a heart-tugging personal story weaved into a call to action with her program: “Why You Need to Know How Money Works.”

Anne Thorne revealed incredible genes and talent as she performed a remarkable presentation: “The Secret Ingredient to an Old Family Recipe for Success.”

Thank you to the speakers and all guests for making it such an empowering program for all.


We wish you and yours a very special 2019 holiday season!

There is no Speakers Bureau meeting in NOV.
There is no Speakers Bureau meeting in NOV.

There is no Speakers Bureau meeting in DEC.
There is no Speakers Bureau meeting in DEC.

But we’ll be back in 2020!
4th WED 7pm

Mark your calendars for 2020!
JAN 22
FEB 26 (Did you know it’s a Leap Year?)
MAR 25
APR 22
MAY 27
JUN 24
JUL 22
AUG 26
SEP 23
OCT 28

Want to speak at Speakers Bureau? Get on with it! Send an email to:

October Speaker Night Recap

Meg Adler opened with a big delivery mentioning a book she found useful, and that the author was speaking for free in Newport Beach and offered free tickets.

Former Bureau Chair Victor Broski showed us some before and after speaker marketing pieces where we commented on strengths and challenges. Then we go to share our future presentation topics, titles and subtitles and get audience feedback. They loved it!

Karen Milski showed us a great tip on dealing with objections by acknowledging the other person’s concerns. The session was enhanced with role playing.

William Hung offered some great tips on Going from Hidden Gem to Industry Rockstar.

Set your goal, make those calls to associations and best of all, showed us a good way to keep the conversation going and get heard by the person who gives the final approval for speakers. He also told us that we HAVE to get to the FEE part. And then offered a proven approach to that as well.

Special thanks to Special Host, and former longtime Speakers Bureau Chair Victor Broski, for his service and commitment to the group and forum.

Updates on November and December meeting dates will posted soon!

September Speaker Night Recap

The September meeting was our most amazing event since I’ve taken over as new Chair earlier this summer. WOW!

Our Meet The Pro segment was truly remarkable as the dynamic Carolyn Gross shared her story as a professional speaker. You can learn more about Carolyn at www.CreativeLifeSolutions.com.

And talk about WOW… Cipri Vang was sensational. She has a promising future as a paid speaker and her talk “Beauty in Blossom” was insightful, incredibly personal and truly inspirational. Her stage presence and life story combine to create a moving atmosphere. And your feedback as audience members will help focus this message on the audience for maximum value and impact.

Coach John Robinson rocked us with his program and methodology of BOLD. His program has great potential and he’s a polished presenter. As an experienced speaker with huge brand potential, the insights from the audience empowered him to continue on the journey.

And Emcee Robert Acosta led the entire night in a special way. Robert’s passion for supporting the speakers and keeping the audience engaged, as well as adding insights of his own… made the event the best one yet – at least in my new tenure.

Are you talking about Speakers Bureau? Come on folks! Be sure to share your experience with fellow Toastmasters members and the entrepreneur you run into in the marketplace. Virtually everyone relies on the spoken word for personal and business success… and I bet you know five or ten people that would have totally enjoyed our last program.

And next month is going to rock to as we have two proven speakers that are going to rock your world.

PS. Expect the dates to change for NOV & DEC but other than that, we’re 7pm the 4th WED of every month.