Michael Jon Ostgaard

Talk Title:
“On Living A Charmed Life: A Grateful State Of Mind”

The world is one unhappy place right now. People seem lost, like they don’t have any control over their own futures. They feel victimized, powerless and angry. Michael remembers a time during his youth when trouble found him, and a small book given to him by a stranger completely changed the direction of his life. In his talk Michael will share thoughts and ideas from this book that have helped him hold a state of gratitude even in the face of some of the most common perplexities in life.

He compels us to take responsibility for the outcome of our decisions and to realize that we are in charge of our experiences in life by our attitudes about them. He suggests that helping others can empower us. He offers solutions through his uplifting and often humorous stories of how he handled his own challenges. Friends have often told Mike he lives a charmed life. He believes that things always work out for him. These are not presumed to be conclusive answers for everyone, but for someone, a mere idea might open up a whole world of possibilities. After all, who may know the mind of another?

About Michael:
Michael Ostgaard Professional SpeakerMichael ran a successful contracting business for 35 years, while raising five boys. During the same time, he also served as a youth minister and a worship leader in his church, and started a program to feed the homeless in his community, which is still in place today. Michael currently spends his time writing, and developing his speaking and leadership skills, serving as Area G-2 Director and as an active member of his Toastmasters club.

Michael speaks of a time during his youth when trouble found him, and a small book given to him by a stranger completely changed the direction of his life. After 40 years searching for copies of this book to share with others, and finding that it was never published, he was compelled to publish it himself. Copies of “Buck-Up by ORLO” are available to purchase today from the publisher.

Meg Adler

Talk Title:
“Give Life to your Brand”

About Meg Adler:
meg adler professional speakerMeg Adler, a graduate from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, is the founder of Meg Adler Professional Development and host of “Minding Your Business. She has a successful career in Sales and Marketing as well as a being distinguished teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Meg has combined her talents as a successful business owner, teacher and speaker to coach business clients. She partners with clients to identify barriers to their personal success, and develop strategies to effectively maneuver their path towards success.

Meg’s website: http://www.megadlerprofessionaldevelopment.com/

Seth Sherwood

Speech Title:
“Ending the Year with a BANG!”

During this talk, you will be engaged, enthralled and energized to achieve your top 3-5 goals by the end of the year. Following Sherwood Sholutions is all you need to get Rock and Roll Results. We’re talking about kicking butt to finish the year Big, Bold and Brave!

DO NOT let the year go by without achieving those Big Breakthroughs. It is still possible to make THIS year – YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

It’s SHO TIME!!!

About Seth Sherwood

Seth Sherwood is originally from Massachusetts and has traveled and

delivered presentations extensively in Latin America, including Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

Seth has his Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Haven and his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts.

He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold and was awarded second place at the 2009 Founders District Humorous Speech Contest.

For the past twelve years Seth has given over 70 speeches for various organizations both here in the Unites States and overseas. Most of his talks cover topics including leadership, communication, achieving your vision and goals and conquering fear and stress.

Seth is married with five children. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis, along with traveling, family time, singing, dancing and banging on his guitar.

Seth’s website: http://www.sherwoodkeynotes.com/

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