Richard Farina

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Speak2Succeed – Negotiate4Success

Talk Synopsis
Do you get what your want in life? Do you receive what you deserve?
Things like career advancement, special deals, and great opportunity, are not just for the chosen few or the lucky. They are available to you…. when you learn and master the: Why, What, Who and Wow of Negotiation.
To advance from Speakers Bureau to Professional Speaker requires the ability to offer and negotiate your most favorable business opportunity. This fast paced, interactive presentation provides techniques and processes of negotiation at a level you can use immediately. Be prepared, take notes, and get equipped to earn what you deserve.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

About Richard Farina
Richard is a Professional Speaker and owner of “Speak2Succeed” which was established in 2007 when he set out to share his speaking and entertainment skills. Speak2Succeed offers two distinct workshops entitled “Effective Technical Presentation Skills” and “Negotiate4Success”.
Richard, who has been in the corporate world of contracts and negotiation for over 30 years got the passion for the give and take process of negotiation at an early age when he listened and learned from three wise men.
Richard’s lessons learned weaved through stories lived make the Negotiate4Success workshop a must-have in any professional speakers portfolio.

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Special Event: The Speaking Circuit: Memories and Lessons from Jack Nichols

There’s an expression out there that says: “You don’t know Jack.” But you will after the August 22nd, 2018 meeting. Know Jack Nichols, that is, Bureau veteran.

In his early days, he was on the national speaking circuit, where speakers were paid according to the product sales they made from the stage. Therefore you had to be good, and persuasive, to make money.

Jack brought that knowledge and expertise to the Bureau and any speaker who was open to it. We all got something different, depending on what we needed.

Our intention is to compile a comprehensive list of his lessons from as many people as we can, and share those in the August meeting, hopefully from the people who heard them.

If high level speaking is on your list, you’ll find a way to get there.

Victor Broski, long time Bureau Chair will host this special event.

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