Bureau Membership and QS Designation Benefits

  1. Access to quality and practical training on how to promote yourself as a professional speaker, coach, consultant, trainer.
  2. Access to a review and evaluation process that is sincere, insightful and empowering.
  3. Access to a close and growing community of competent speakers who are constantly improving their craft and are willing to share their knowledge and help other speakers grow.
  4. Access to free and discounted admission tickets to events within the Founder’s District.
  5. Access to multimedia resources and expertise from members within the bureau and Founder’s District.
  6. Access to precious and longer stage time than typical Toastmasters speeches.
  7. Access to an accelerated path towards getting paid to speak.

In addition to the above benefits, Qualified Speakers receive:

  1. Listing on the OCSB website in the Qualified Speakers directory.
  2. Access to marketing tools and resources available to the OCSB.
  3. Connection to speaking engagements throughout Southern California and beyond.
  4. A letter of recommendation and endorsement from the OCSB Chair.
    Testimonials and recommendations from fellow Qualified Speakers in the bureau.
  5. Give back to the Founder’s District local communities by providing complimentary speaking engagements that add value to their organizations.

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