How to Become a Qualified Speaker

Qualified Speaker (QS): Active member (50% or more attendance within any consecutive 12 months) of the OCSB who has been vetted in by OCSB QS in attendance on the day of its qualifying speech. The vetting process is 70% objective and 30% subjective, based on both the skill (70%) and business (30%) of speaking. Every active QS must be a Toastmasters International member in good standing.

Earn a cumulative score of 80% or more on the scoring sheet below:

Speaking Skill 70%
Content (Structure, Purpose, Original Thought, Reception) 40%
Delivery (Appearance, Body Language, Stage, Voice, Enthusiasm) 20%
Language (Appropriateness, Grammar, Pronunciation, Word Selection) 10%

Speaking Business 30%
Marketing Resources (website, one sheet, products, one article) 10%
Testimonials and Recommendations (endorsements, experience) 10%
Branding & Positioning (message clarity and consistency, target audience) 10%


  • Any QS who is not active within 12 consecutive months will be dropped from the OCSB speakers directory.
  • Every new QS is expected to mentor a new active member within the first 12 months of their qualification until the new member becomes a QS

Qualified Speaker Evaluation Form
Download Founder’s District QS Judge Criteria

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