Jeff DeVore

Speech Title
“Your Sex Life: How Could It Be Better?”

Drawn to an abiding interest of his youth, Jeff considered becoming a sex therapist during his undergrad years. Lacking the courage to do something that seemed to violate his conservative upbringing, he chose to pour his interest in health and human welfare into becoming a chiropractor, the profession of both his parents. Following time as an associate chiropractor and then in private practice, he sold the practice and put himself through Christian seminary. He was called to a congregation and simultaneously accepted a position as a clinical chiropractic educator in a health sciences university. He was married and had three children. He soon faced some difficult truths and acted on those. One action landed him in some legal trouble. This speech incorporates a bit of Jeff’s story as an example of the four steps you can take to bring new energy to your sex life.

Jeff published a book entitled, “Sex As . . . A Journal for Your Life”, copies of which are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher (see Jeff is retired from chiropractic and from active ministry, and is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach.

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