Mike Davis

About Coach Mike
Coach Mike Davis has been coaching youth sports for more than 30 years. He started coaching and officiating youth basketball at the Miller’s Boys Club in Phoenix, AZ. Since then he has coached basketball, baseball, and softball at levels ranging from rec leagues to varsity high school and travel ball.

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, coach.
While some might use this as a negative, it points out a true facet of life: Playing a sport and coaching a sport are two different things. Sometimes a person can look at a challenge and be able to help someone else solve the puzzle, even if that person cannot solve the puzzle themselves. We’ve all be given different gifts. Anyone can learn a sport – the rules, the strategies, the nuances, but being able to teach someone else that sport takes an additional skill set, one that includes patience among all others. A great player does not always make a great coach.

Coaching Philosophy
I believe that there are educational values in sports that cannot be learned anywhere else. Along with teamwork and fair play, there is almost no other aspect of life that teaches one how to think, act, think again, and react, while facing sometimes unsurmountable challenges. Studies have shown that student-athletes, upon completing college, are more prepared to face the real world challenges of life than non-athlete students. In our younger years, most classes teach knowledge. But what teaches our children how to think? I try to give any student who wants to try out for the team a fair opportunity to be a part of the team. As long as they are willing to put in the work, they may succeed. This doesn’t mean that every student is going to play sports at the college level. Not every student has that as their goal. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t reaching their own goals and succeeding in other areas of their life.

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