Richard Kuo

Talk Title
“You Matter”

Talk Synopsis
Have you ever spoken to a youth audience or been interested in making a difference in that way? During this presentation, you will experience a modified version of youth speaker, Richard Kuo’s signature “You Matter” presentation he has given to over 15,000 students. Through this presentation, you will see a slightly different presentation style that may give you ideas on how to strengthen and build rapport with your own audience. In the mean time, you can remember what it’s like to be a kid again!

About Richard
Richard Kuo is a youth inspirational speaker and Youtube creator who grew up in Fountain Valley, CA. He has reached nearly 1 million views on Youtube and has also spoken to over 15,000 students all across the western United States. Richard has been featured on TEDx and is also a finale winner on CBS’ hit game show The Price is Right.

Growing up convinced he was overweight, unintelligent, and a good-for-nothing child, Richard lived much of his early life with low self-esteem and little confidence towards succeeding in school and life.

Today, Richard empowers thousands of students around the world to find the courage to trust themselves and pursue their dreams. Utilizing his own story of overcoming negative self-talk and making bold life-changing decisions, such as quitting his 9-5 job to pursue his dreams, Richard now dedicates his life to empowering students to realize on their own that everything they need to be successful is inside of them; not outside of them.


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