Speaking Opportunities in the Community

On this page, we have a list of local Orange County organizations that regularly need services from speakers. As a speaker with the Founder’s District Speakers Bureau, you are welcome to contact them and mention your affiliation with us. If they have a speaking opportunity that you have the right profile for, they will hire you.

Bully Awareness and Resistance Education (BARE)
BARE is an organization which is dedicated to teaching empathy and mindfulness to combat bullying in schools and communities. BARE educates youth, educators and parents. BARE was founded by Deborah Reisdorph, a Toastmaster. In March of 2013, BARE was awarded the “Outstanding Contributions to Education” Award by Orange County Department of Education from then President of the Board of Education Dr. Ken L. Williams. BARE is just one of the organizations we are looking to support this year by opening speaking opportunities to some of our Toastmasters to speak at local schools to help in the pursuit of curbing the bullying epidemic. www.barethebully.org

Youth Motivational Work Force (YMTF)
YMTF is an organization that visits schools in the Orange County area and encourages them to stay in school to finish high school and go on to finish a degree. In addition, the organization gives a number of post high school scholarships to help students achieve their goals.

The YMTF is a 100% volunteer run non-profit, focused on our youth and young adults. Education is the key to building a strong community full of compassionate leaders. We are grateful to have individuals and those representing many diverse companies come and participate with their time and/or resources. Ask to speak to Travis Weaver at YMTF. ymtf.squarespace.com