Steve Itzkowitz

Talk Title: 
“Man on the run…in more ways than one”

Steve Itzkowitz is an adversity champion, which is a realization he came to well after being diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease in March of 2017. It wasn’t until he went through episodes of having more questions than answers, self-doubt, anger and then reflection on this and other difficult periods in his life that he realized he was born to be an adversity champion. Now, and with this realization firmly at the forefront of his mind, he has committed himself to teaching audiences how to make adversity an ally by turning their adversity into leadership and inspiration as Steve is in the process of doing.

He will accomplish this for the audience through telling stories encompassing his initial reaction to the disease diagnosis and the ensuing bathrobe days as well as stories of dietary and lifestyle changes in which each story he tells is accompanied by a particular moral that the audience can take with them, especially if and when their health comes under attack.

To wrap it all up, Steve will explain what he means by making adversity an ally and why adversity should be embraced as opposed to embattled. He will also teach the audience how they can turn their adversity into leadership. The speech promises to be entertaining, informative and inspirational. As a matter of fact, it could be the most important 20 minutes anyone ever spends in their life because nothing matters more than one’s health.

About Steve Itzkowitz:
steve-itzkowitz-portraitAside from being an adversity champion, Steve is also a man on the run in more ways than one. He has learned the value of making adversity an ally as opposed to just going through it until it’s over. Steve is self-employed as a provider of public transportation as well as being very active in Toastmasters as a speaker and a leader. In his spare time, he enjoys networking with his friends in Toastmasters as well as the Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation along with watching and discussing team sports, reading & writing, traveling, eating good food, attending the occasional house party and solving detective show mysteries.”

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