Abdul Haikal

Talk Title
“What are you waiting for?”

Talk Synopsis
This talk will deconstruct the types of stress sucking our energy and health. You will walk away with ideas and strategies to take back control for a more fit future. You will learn about what doctors are calling the miracle drug. Hint: it doesn’t come over the counter or in an orange bottle and may not cost you a single penny.

You will also hear about the most effective nutritional plan that’s not being marketed anywhere. You won’t even have to give up your cheeseburger at In N Out to get on this plan! This talk will fire you up to make small changes in your daily habits that will help you manage your stress better and boost your energy levels.

About Abdul Haikal
abdul haikal portraitAbdul Haikal is a civil engineer by profession and a fitness coach by passion. He was born in Charlotte, raised in Ft Lauderdale and lived a few years in Beirut before settling in Orange County in 2003. His family moved 16 times in 18 years and he ended up attending 4 high schools. It was during those moves that he developed a strong connection to exercise, as it became his coping mechanism to stay focused and driven both personally and academically. He went on to receive a scholarship to study engineering and graduated with a masters degree in 2012.

Abdul is also a college instructor, and recently becoming a father- so he is no stranger to a high-stress life. And yet he believes that with healthy habits and good nutrition, stress simply becomes fuel for the go. Abdul stumbled into the personal development world in 2015 where he later discovered Toastmasters and became an active member. Combining his obsession with fitness and teaching, he became a certified personal trainer 2 years ago with a specialization in behavior change, and in the process has coached dozens of people toward hitting their health goals and has delivered several talks relating to fitness motivation. Abdul aspires to become a corporate wellness coach and develop programs for employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle as a necessary component of career success.

Nadine Nofziger

Talk Title:
“Mouth Trap”

Talk Description:
You might think you don’t have a “good” voice, but that’s like saying to someone who never exercises that he/she does not have a strong body. Your voice is what you make of it. In this workshop, we will explore the basics and not so basics mechanics of your voice to help us “physically” feel your voice.

We will also work on showing sincere emotions and reach total congruence between words, message and voice tones. Be prepared to let go and fully participate. Let’s avoid the Mouth Trap and become clear communicators!

About Nadine Nofziger:
nadine-nofziger-portraitAs a Belgian native, Nadine grew up speaking French at home, Flemish with friends and German in school. At the age of 23, she travelled in the USA to deliver around 300 presentations on Belgian culture on behalf of the Kiwanis Club and the Belgian office of tourism.

Nadine has been in this country since 1975 and travelled extensively for work in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Through these experiences, Nadine learned to listen to a variety of accents and better connect with the American public. She is the founder of “Accent4Advantage” a program dedicated to ESL students wishing to manage their accent and become great public speakers.


Steve Itzkowitz

Talk Title: 
“Man on the run…in more ways than one”

Steve Itzkowitz is an adversity champion, which is a realization he came to well after being diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease in March of 2017. It wasn’t until he went through episodes of having more questions than answers, self-doubt, anger and then reflection on this and other difficult periods in his life that he realized he was born to be an adversity champion. Now, and with this realization firmly at the forefront of his mind, he has committed himself to teaching audiences how to make adversity an ally by turning their adversity into leadership and inspiration as Steve is in the process of doing.

He will accomplish this for the audience through telling stories encompassing his initial reaction to the disease diagnosis and the ensuing bathrobe days as well as stories of dietary and lifestyle changes in which each story he tells is accompanied by a particular moral that the audience can take with them, especially if and when their health comes under attack.

To wrap it all up, Steve will explain what he means by making adversity an ally and why adversity should be embraced as opposed to embattled. He will also teach the audience how they can turn their adversity into leadership. The speech promises to be entertaining, informative and inspirational. As a matter of fact, it could be the most important 20 minutes anyone ever spends in their life because nothing matters more than one’s health.

About Steve Itzkowitz:
steve-itzkowitz-portraitAside from being an adversity champion, Steve is also a man on the run in more ways than one. He has learned the value of making adversity an ally as opposed to just going through it until it’s over. Steve is self-employed as a provider of public transportation as well as being very active in Toastmasters as a speaker and a leader. In his spare time, he enjoys networking with his friends in Toastmasters as well as the Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation along with watching and discussing team sports, reading & writing, traveling, eating good food, attending the occasional house party and solving detective show mysteries.”

Bobbi Hall

Talk Title:
“Disconnect to Connect”

Who’s in charge, you or your phone? Ask yourself; when your phone rings, do you have to answer it? Is it compelling? Is it a habit? Is it rude? Studies show we are compromising conversation and not connecting as humans as a result of choosing to be connected to our devices. We are swiping, scrolling, emailing, texting and reading. We are obsessed with
our phones and our devices are managing us; instead of “us” managing our devices.

During this talk, you will learn not only why we are so hooked to our electronic devices, but also how to disconnect from them and enjoy new depths of connection with the people around you.

About Bobbi:
Bobbi Hall Portrait PhotoBobbi Hall was born and raised in Texas and has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising. Bobbi is an expert on perseverance and not giving up; forced to overcome adversity from an early age she spent years making bad choices and paid grim consequences. After falling hard, Bobbi chose to find faith and her life took a sizable change of direction.

Bobbi volunteer as a speaker for YMTF, “Youth Motivational Task Force” and speaks to students about the importance of getting an education and making wise choices if you want to be successful. She is an emerging speaker, owns “My Granny’s Cookies” her cookie company. Bobbi is a published author, singer and songwriter. Keep your eye out for her
upcoming NY TIMES Best Selling books sharing her story.

Seth Sherwood

Speech Title:
“Ending the Year with a BANG!”

During this talk, you will be engaged, enthralled and energized to achieve your top 3-5 goals by the end of the year. Following Sherwood Sholutions is all you need to get Rock and Roll Results. We’re talking about kicking butt to finish the year Big, Bold and Brave!

DO NOT let the year go by without achieving those Big Breakthroughs. It is still possible to make THIS year – YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

It’s SHO TIME!!!

About Seth Sherwood

Seth Sherwood is originally from Massachusetts and has traveled and

delivered presentations extensively in Latin America, including Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

Seth has his Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Haven and his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts.

He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold and was awarded second place at the 2009 Founders District Humorous Speech Contest.

For the past twelve years Seth has given over 70 speeches for various organizations both here in the Unites States and overseas. Most of his talks cover topics including leadership, communication, achieving your vision and goals and conquering fear and stress.

Seth is married with five children. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis, along with traveling, family time, singing, dancing and banging on his guitar.

Seth’s website: http://www.sherwoodkeynotes.com/

Jeff DeVore

Speech Title
“Your Sex Life: How Could It Be Better?”

Drawn to an abiding interest of his youth, Jeff considered becoming a sex therapist during his undergrad years. Lacking the courage to do something that seemed to violate his conservative upbringing, he chose to pour his interest in health and human welfare into becoming a chiropractor, the profession of both his parents. Following time as an associate chiropractor and then in private practice, he sold the practice and put himself through Christian seminary. He was called to a congregation and simultaneously accepted a position as a clinical chiropractic educator in a health sciences university. He was married and had three children. He soon faced some difficult truths and acted on those. One action landed him in some legal trouble. This speech incorporates a bit of Jeff’s story as an example of the four steps you can take to bring new energy to your sex life.

Jeff published a book entitled, “Sex As . . . A Journal for Your Life”, copies of which are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher (see www.sex-as-journal.com). Jeff is retired from chiropractic and from active ministry, and is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach.

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