Ricky Lacorte

About Ricky Lacorte
Ricky Lacorte epitomized the bad boy image because he was a bully, gangster and recognized by law enforcement. He was going down a dark path and told he would end up in one of two places… jail or a casket.

He was saved by the most unlikely hero… his music teacher, who he endlessly insulted. Ricky saw no potential in himself, but one sentence of encouragement from his music teacher led him to a life of music through band and choir.

Ricky’s mothers continued to support his musical endeavors and even shared a life lesson or two.

With the encouragement of his music teacher and his mom Ricky’s path took him from gangster to band member to singer to DJ/Host to competitive speaker.

His chaotic childhood didn’t stop him from achieving his dream of giving back by helping inspire the un-inspirable.

An interview of Ricky Lacorte:

MJ Shores

Talk Title
Tell Me a Tale: How to Woo Your Audience through Storytelling

Talk Synopsis
MJ Shores will share her expertise on the most powerful and timeless form of communication: storytelling. She will present exciting new discoveries in neuroscientific research on how storytelling affects our brains and decision-making abilities. Learn how leaders and businesses have built large and impassioned followers and brands through storytelling and how you can do the same in your own public speaking engagements.

About MJ Shores
MJ is an award-winning marketer and public speaker who has successfully led organizations to position themselves at the forefront of their industries.

Her professional background spans the private, public and non-profit sectors. She has served in leadership roles at top global business schools, including the Wharton School of Business, UCLA, and UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. MJ also taught Organizational Behavior, International Trade, and Negotiations at the International University of Moscow in Russia.

She earned bachelor degrees in Economics and History from Guilford College and Arizona State University, respectively, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

To contact MJ Shores:
Email: mj_shores@yahoo.com

Crystal H. Vo

Talk Title
Finding Your Voice

Talk Synopsis
Crystal shares the incredible and inspiring story of of a mother, a wife, a daughter and a passionate writer. She overcame many tragical events: wars, death in the family, physical and mental abuse, depression, homelessness. Today she is a public servant serving those who are underprivileged which is an honor for her to give back. She raises two young adult children who are pursuing higher education in college.

About Crystal H. Vo
Crystal VoI am a refugee who migrated to the United States in 1986. I escaped my country, Vietnam, with my brother and relatives in 1985, ten years after the communists took over the south of Vietnam. I was very homesick and depressed for many years in America without my family until I found my calling – writing. It has given me a purpose to live happily and productively. I am now a public servant, a mother of two and a wife. My passion is to share inspirational stories, poetry, food and the Vietnamese culture. This is the first poetry book I published in 2013: https://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478713029
My mission is to have a meaningful life where I can help others along the way.

To contact Crystal H. Vo:
Email: crystalhvo@gmail.com
Website: www.crystalhvo.com

Richard Farina

Talk Title
Speak2Succeed – Negotiate4Success

Talk Synopsis
Do you get what your want in life? Do you receive what you deserve?
Things like career advancement, special deals, and great opportunity, are not just for the chosen few or the lucky. They are available to you…. when you learn and master the: Why, What, Who and Wow of Negotiation.
To advance from Speakers Bureau to Professional Speaker requires the ability to offer and negotiate your most favorable business opportunity. This fast paced, interactive presentation provides techniques and processes of negotiation at a level you can use immediately. Be prepared, take notes, and get equipped to earn what you deserve.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

About Richard Farina
Richard is a Professional Speaker and owner of “Speak2Succeed” which was established in 2007 when he set out to share his speaking and entertainment skills. Speak2Succeed offers two distinct workshops entitled “Effective Technical Presentation Skills” and “Negotiate4Success”.
Richard, who has been in the corporate world of contracts and negotiation for over 30 years got the passion for the give and take process of negotiation at an early age when he listened and learned from three wise men.
Richard’s lessons learned weaved through stories lived make the Negotiate4Success workshop a must-have in any professional speakers portfolio.

To contact Richard Farina:
Email: speak2succeednet@gmail.com
Website: Speak2Succeed.net

Suraj Chugani

About Suraj Chugani
Suraj Chugani “The Soul Of Inspiration” is an entrepreneurial professional in the retail and wholesale trade. He is a passionate public speaker who loves to empower and inspire his audiences. He is an avid Toastmaster in many clubs and holding different positions of leadership. Meaningful messages of Suraj are about having gratitude and faith in our lives. He attributes passion for love, success and his faith to his amazing mother and beautiful “diamond” wife, he has 2 beautiful children and is on a mission to inspire and lead us to a great life.

Suraj is available to speak at your next event: Suraj@surajspeaks.com

Richard Kuo

Talk Title
“You Matter”

Talk Synopsis
Have you ever spoken to a youth audience or been interested in making a difference in that way? During this presentation, you will experience a modified version of youth speaker, Richard Kuo’s signature “You Matter” presentation he has given to over 15,000 students. Through this presentation, you will see a slightly different presentation style that may give you ideas on how to strengthen and build rapport with your own audience. In the mean time, you can remember what it’s like to be a kid again!

About Richard
Richard Kuo is a youth inspirational speaker and Youtube creator who grew up in Fountain Valley, CA. He has reached nearly 1 million views on Youtube and has also spoken to over 15,000 students all across the western United States. Richard has been featured on TEDx and is also a finale winner on CBS’ hit game show The Price is Right.

Growing up convinced he was overweight, unintelligent, and a good-for-nothing child, Richard lived much of his early life with low self-esteem and little confidence towards succeeding in school and life.

Today, Richard empowers thousands of students around the world to find the courage to trust themselves and pursue their dreams. Utilizing his own story of overcoming negative self-talk and making bold life-changing decisions, such as quitting his 9-5 job to pursue his dreams, Richard now dedicates his life to empowering students to realize on their own that everything they need to be successful is inside of them; not outside of them.

Website: www.richardkuo.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/richardkuolive

Nadine Nofziger

Talk Title:
“Mouth Trap”

Talk Description:
You might think you don’t have a “good” voice, but that’s like saying to someone who never exercises that he/she does not have a strong body. Your voice is what you make of it. In this workshop, we will explore the basics and not so basics mechanics of your voice to help us “physically” feel your voice.

We will also work on showing sincere emotions and reach total congruence between words, message and voice tones. Be prepared to let go and fully participate. Let’s avoid the Mouth Trap and become clear communicators!

About Nadine Nofziger:
nadine-nofziger-portraitAs a Belgian native, Nadine grew up speaking French at home, Flemish with friends and German in school. At the age of 23, she travelled in the USA to deliver around 300 presentations on Belgian culture on behalf of the Kiwanis Club and the Belgian office of tourism.

Nadine has been in this country since 1975 and travelled extensively for work in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Through these experiences, Nadine learned to listen to a variety of accents and better connect with the American public. She is the founder of “Accent4Advantage” a program dedicated to ESL students wishing to manage their accent and become great public speakers.


Bobbi Hall

Talk Title:
“Disconnect to Connect”

Who’s in charge, you or your phone? Ask yourself; when your phone rings, do you have to answer it? Is it compelling? Is it a habit? Is it rude? Studies show we are compromising conversation and not connecting as humans as a result of choosing to be connected to our devices. We are swiping, scrolling, emailing, texting and reading. We are obsessed with
our phones and our devices are managing us; instead of “us” managing our devices.

During this talk, you will learn not only why we are so hooked to our electronic devices, but also how to disconnect from them and enjoy new depths of connection with the people around you.

About Bobbi:
Bobbi Hall Portrait PhotoBobbi Hall was born and raised in Texas and has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising. Bobbi is an expert on perseverance and not giving up; forced to overcome adversity from an early age she spent years making bad choices and paid grim consequences. After falling hard, Bobbi chose to find faith and her life took a sizable change of direction.

Bobbi volunteer as a speaker for YMTF, “Youth Motivational Task Force” and speaks to students about the importance of getting an education and making wise choices if you want to be successful. She is an emerging speaker, owns “My Granny’s Cookies” her cookie company. Bobbi is a published author, singer and songwriter. Keep your eye out for her
upcoming NY TIMES Best Selling books sharing her story.

Meg Adler

Talk Title:
“Give Life to your Brand”

About Meg Adler:
meg adler professional speakerMeg Adler, a graduate from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, is the founder of Meg Adler Professional Development and host of “Minding Your Business. She has a successful career in Sales and Marketing as well as a being distinguished teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Meg has combined her talents as a successful business owner, teacher and speaker to coach business clients. She partners with clients to identify barriers to their personal success, and develop strategies to effectively maneuver their path towards success.

Meg’s website: http://www.megadlerprofessionaldevelopment.com/

Jeff DeVore

Speech Title
“Your Sex Life: How Could It Be Better?”

Drawn to an abiding interest of his youth, Jeff considered becoming a sex therapist during his undergrad years. Lacking the courage to do something that seemed to violate his conservative upbringing, he chose to pour his interest in health and human welfare into becoming a chiropractor, the profession of both his parents. Following time as an associate chiropractor and then in private practice, he sold the practice and put himself through Christian seminary. He was called to a congregation and simultaneously accepted a position as a clinical chiropractic educator in a health sciences university. He was married and had three children. He soon faced some difficult truths and acted on those. One action landed him in some legal trouble. This speech incorporates a bit of Jeff’s story as an example of the four steps you can take to bring new energy to your sex life.

Jeff published a book entitled, “Sex As . . . A Journal for Your Life”, copies of which are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher (see www.sex-as-journal.com). Jeff is retired from chiropractic and from active ministry, and is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach.