Tunde Ogunwole

Talk Title:
Don’t Leave Your Money on the Table!

Talk Synopsis:
Tunde’s talk is designed to encourage you to think about how you evaluate and prioritize the advice and tips you receive in life. After this talk, you will have a new and unique way to think about how you will decide to evaluate, prioritize and act on advice shared with you to make a positive and meaningful difference in achieving the life you want.

About Tunde Ogunwole:
Tunde Ogunwole is an iPEC trained business and life coach, group facilitator and speaker. He considers himself fortunate to have had a number of successes in his professional career such as being named one of the youngest senior managers at a large public school building program. He now works in commercial real estate as a developer for the Trammell Crow Company, widely considered one of the top real estate development firms in the country. As a former Naval Officer, he spent time living in Europe and traveling aboard during his free time. These experiences have helped him see people and live through a different lens giving him insights into life, challenges and successes. As a commercial real estate project manager and an engaged Southern California resident, he enjoys sharing his life experiences, business and leadership lessons and personal development tools with people like you, who are eager to learn and apply tools to “up-level” their lives.

Donald Baliaba

Talk Title
Small Changes, Big Impact

Talk Synopsis
Are you living a full life?
If you put your personal aspirations, goals and dreams on hold, that could lead to an unfulfilled life and unhappiness. Do you have dreams or goals buried inside you? What is keeping you from achieving them?
Attend this session and rediscover the goals you may have put on hold because you didn’t have the right tools (to lay out some actions steps) to make your life a bit more fulfilling.

Our speaker has worked for over 6 years in the healthcare industry and post-acute care, where he interacted with the elderly patients and learned about the value of living a full life. He interviewed some of patients about the biggest regrets they have and what they would do differently.
He was born in Africa, lived in France for 9 years where he became a citizen. He has been living in the U.S.A for 11 years and also became a citizen three years ago. His cross-cultural background gave him the opportunity to encounter people from various cultures and backgrounds. He realized that most of us share commons desires including success, happiness and freedom. The day is 24 hours long for everyone including Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare… Time is our scarcest resource and is the key fundamental element to all aspects of life. He believes time is taken and not given.
Donald will give you three huge tips to live a fulfilled life starting today.

About Donald Baliaba
Donald is financial analyst and was a former professional volleyball player in France. His passion to inspire people led him to join toastmasters over three years ago to improve his communication skills and be better able to touch his audience. He became a distinguished toastmaster in July 2017.
He was born in Africa, lived in France for many years where he became a citizen. He has been living in the U.S.A for 11 years and also became a citizen three years ago. His cross-cultural background gave him the opportunity to encounter people from various cultures and backgrounds.

David Kline Lovett

Talk Title
“Uncover the Book You Were Born to Write… and Write It”

Talk Synopsis
Bangambiki Habyarimana in Pearls Of Eternity said “The power of a writer is that he is a god of sorts. He can create his own worlds and populate them with his own people, all by the powers of his imagination. It’s the closest a man can come close to the gods. No wonder the most successful writers are considered immortals.”

In just 20 minutes, if you simply choose to, you will have a complete table of contents written for your first or next book. The mysticism of, “How do I write a book?” Will be solved. And you will have the ability, tools, know how to get it done.

About David Kline Lovett
david kline lovettDavid wears many hats, but one of his favorite is Comedian. He has over a decade of experience speaking to group of various sizes, from half a dozen to hundreds. Based on feedback from meeting planners, his messages and instructions always hit home. David is also a published author with 5 books on the market, and a fifth in the making.

Contact David: http://davidklinelovett.com/speaking/

Abdul Haikal

Talk Title
“What are you waiting for?”

Talk Synopsis
This talk will deconstruct the types of stress sucking our energy and health. You will walk away with ideas and strategies to take back control for a more fit future. You will learn about what doctors are calling the miracle drug. Hint: it doesn’t come over the counter or in an orange bottle and may not cost you a single penny.

You will also hear about the most effective nutritional plan that’s not being marketed anywhere. You won’t even have to give up your cheeseburger at In N Out to get on this plan! This talk will fire you up to make small changes in your daily habits that will help you manage your stress better and boost your energy levels.

About Abdul Haikal
abdul haikal portraitAbdul Haikal is a civil engineer by profession and a fitness coach by passion. He was born in Charlotte, raised in Ft Lauderdale and lived a few years in Beirut before settling in Orange County in 2003. His family moved 16 times in 18 years and he ended up attending 4 high schools. It was during those moves that he developed a strong connection to exercise, as it became his coping mechanism to stay focused and driven both personally and academically. He went on to receive a scholarship to study engineering and graduated with a masters degree in 2012.

Abdul is also a college instructor, and recently becoming a father- so he is no stranger to a high-stress life. And yet he believes that with healthy habits and good nutrition, stress simply becomes fuel for the go. Abdul stumbled into the personal development world in 2015 where he later discovered Toastmasters and became an active member. Combining his obsession with fitness and teaching, he became a certified personal trainer 2 years ago with a specialization in behavior change, and in the process has coached dozens of people toward hitting their health goals and has delivered several talks relating to fitness motivation. Abdul aspires to become a corporate wellness coach and develop programs for employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle as a necessary component of career success.

Cindy “The Creative Fireball” Carpenter

Talk Title
“One Indispensable Business Skill”

Talk Synopsis
There is one business skill, if you don’t master, can cause you to lose a national election. President John F. Kennedy commissioned a study so he could get it right. Peace treaties have been promised over it, wars ended and great business deals have begun from it. Yet, despite it’s importance to our society, we rarely, if ever, teach it in high school, colleges or Toastmasters. Approximately 40% of the general population does either an average or poor job with it. Which side do you fall on? To find out, attend this Speaker’s Bureau meeting where life-long entrepreneur Cindy Carpenter will enlighten you on this vital business skill… one she learned at the tender age of 16, and it served her well throughout her career. Bonus! If you fall into the 40% category, she’ll help you fix it.

About Cindy Carpenter
Cindy CarpenterCindy “The Creative Fireball” Carpenter has been a life-long entrepreneur, starting two distinctly dierent businesses from the ground floor up. She sold her last business, a medical parts manufacturing business, at age 50 and retired. She then joined Toastmasters with a paralyzing, out-of-control fear of public speaking. Within 3 short years she was competing as a semi-nalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking, presenting in front of thousands both in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and on stage at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

William Hung

Talk Title:
“Speak Out!”

Talk Description:
If you are afraid to share your true feelings or your bold ideas with other people, you’re not alone! This message will help your attendees by:
+ Replacing doubt with confidence
+ Finding the inner courage to be vulnerable in front of people to share relevant personal stories
+ Building long-lasting relationships by having honest
yet tactful conversations with other people

About William Hung:
From his experience working in the entertainment industry and overcoming rejection, he learned the importance of perseverance to make dreams become reality. After American Idol, he appeared on Extra, Ellen, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, to name a few. His fans celebrate the impact he has on their lives. He now hopes to help YOU maximize your potential and wants YOU to achieve YOUR dreams.

Audiences include business groups, associations, and conferences.

Learn more about William Hung: http://williamhung.net

Steve Itzkowitz

Talk Title: 
“Man on the run…in more ways than one”

Steve Itzkowitz is an adversity champion, which is a realization he came to well after being diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease in March of 2017. It wasn’t until he went through episodes of having more questions than answers, self-doubt, anger and then reflection on this and other difficult periods in his life that he realized he was born to be an adversity champion. Now, and with this realization firmly at the forefront of his mind, he has committed himself to teaching audiences how to make adversity an ally by turning their adversity into leadership and inspiration as Steve is in the process of doing.

He will accomplish this for the audience through telling stories encompassing his initial reaction to the disease diagnosis and the ensuing bathrobe days as well as stories of dietary and lifestyle changes in which each story he tells is accompanied by a particular moral that the audience can take with them, especially if and when their health comes under attack.

To wrap it all up, Steve will explain what he means by making adversity an ally and why adversity should be embraced as opposed to embattled. He will also teach the audience how they can turn their adversity into leadership. The speech promises to be entertaining, informative and inspirational. As a matter of fact, it could be the most important 20 minutes anyone ever spends in their life because nothing matters more than one’s health.

About Steve Itzkowitz:
steve-itzkowitz-portraitAside from being an adversity champion, Steve is also a man on the run in more ways than one. He has learned the value of making adversity an ally as opposed to just going through it until it’s over. Steve is self-employed as a provider of public transportation as well as being very active in Toastmasters as a speaker and a leader. In his spare time, he enjoys networking with his friends in Toastmasters as well as the Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation along with watching and discussing team sports, reading & writing, traveling, eating good food, attending the occasional house party and solving detective show mysteries.”

Michael Jon Ostgaard

Talk Title:
“On Living A Charmed Life: A Grateful State Of Mind”

The world is one unhappy place right now. People seem lost, like they don’t have any control over their own futures. They feel victimized, powerless and angry. Michael remembers a time during his youth when trouble found him, and a small book given to him by a stranger completely changed the direction of his life. In his talk Michael will share thoughts and ideas from this book that have helped him hold a state of gratitude even in the face of some of the most common perplexities in life.

He compels us to take responsibility for the outcome of our decisions and to realize that we are in charge of our experiences in life by our attitudes about them. He suggests that helping others can empower us. He offers solutions through his uplifting and often humorous stories of how he handled his own challenges. Friends have often told Mike he lives a charmed life. He believes that things always work out for him. These are not presumed to be conclusive answers for everyone, but for someone, a mere idea might open up a whole world of possibilities. After all, who may know the mind of another?

About Michael:
Michael Ostgaard Professional SpeakerMichael ran a successful contracting business for 35 years, while raising five boys. During the same time, he also served as a youth minister and a worship leader in his church, and started a program to feed the homeless in his community, which is still in place today. Michael currently spends his time writing, and developing his speaking and leadership skills, serving as Area G-2 Director and as an active member of his Toastmasters club.

Michael speaks of a time during his youth when trouble found him, and a small book given to him by a stranger completely changed the direction of his life. After 40 years searching for copies of this book to share with others, and finding that it was never published, he was compelled to publish it himself. Copies of “Buck-Up by ORLO” are available to purchase today from the publisher.

Seth Sherwood

Speech Title:
“Ending the Year with a BANG!”

During this talk, you will be engaged, enthralled and energized to achieve your top 3-5 goals by the end of the year. Following Sherwood Sholutions is all you need to get Rock and Roll Results. We’re talking about kicking butt to finish the year Big, Bold and Brave!

DO NOT let the year go by without achieving those Big Breakthroughs. It is still possible to make THIS year – YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

It’s SHO TIME!!!

About Seth Sherwood

Seth Sherwood is originally from Massachusetts and has traveled and

delivered presentations extensively in Latin America, including Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

Seth has his Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Haven and his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts.

He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold and was awarded second place at the 2009 Founders District Humorous Speech Contest.

For the past twelve years Seth has given over 70 speeches for various organizations both here in the Unites States and overseas. Most of his talks cover topics including leadership, communication, achieving your vision and goals and conquering fear and stress.

Seth is married with five children. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis, along with traveling, family time, singing, dancing and banging on his guitar.

Seth’s website: http://www.sherwoodkeynotes.com/

Marguerite Bonnett

Speech Title 
“Structure Your Presentation Like A Movie”

Need to give a speech or business presentation? Want to wow your audience? In this fun talk, you’ll learn how to present even the most mundane information in a way that educates, motivates and inspires. The “emotional engineering” techniques used in the film industry can enhance everything you do, especially sales and marketing. It’s the secret sauce that is the antidote to a boring movie… or presentation.

About Marguerite
Marguerite Bonnett has “Show Business” in her blood. Her mother was a singing star of TV, Opera and the early days of Las Vegas. Marguerite spent much of her childhood backstage and she has no illusions about how much work it takes to put on a great show. As an adult, she spent several action packed years in the film industry, working on big budget feature films. She eventually found herself working for Clint Eastwood’s Malpaso Productions, where she discovered her passion for writing.

Marguerite went on to study and write screenplays for over 10 years. The “Emotional Engineering” techniques she learned in the art of writing movies, now inform and enhance everything she does.

Recently, she decided to apply this knowledge to speech writing… and that is how this talk was born.

Since 2011, she has been an active Toastmaster, who enjoys competing in the International Speech Contest. She has a successful business helping professionals to craft and deliver their message through seminars, books and marketing materials.